8 Most Popular Window Treatments in California

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8 Most Popular Window Treatments in California

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If you live in the Bay Area, then having the right types of window treatments are important thanks to the changing weather conditions. There are actually many different types of window shades, some of them going back hundreds, if not thousands of years.  However, for those who live in the San Francisco area choosing the right type of shades for your windows means more than a decorative choice. The type of treatment chosen may also significantly affect your energy bill.

Here are eight types of window treatment that California residents can choose from which offers some energy savings as well as a beautiful style.

Cellular Shades: These are made from pleated fabric which forms a honeycomb shaped cellular compartment. This is designed to trap air inside the compartment which means it has enhanced insulation properties. The greater the number of layers, the more insulation is present for better energy efficiency.

cellular shades

cellular shades image source: graber gallery

Solar & Roller Shades: Traditional roller shades are a favorite for those who enjoy a retro-appearance. However, along with solar shades they provide for considerable energy efficiency as well as privacy which make them very desirable.

roller shades

roller shades in the kitchen. image source: graber gallery

Wood & Faux Wood Blinds: Traditional wood and faux wood blinds offer maximum privacy protection while allowing for different levels of light in the room. Wood goes with many different home décor ideas that make it very versatile and highly popular with those who want the best of traditional blinds for their home. 

faux wood blinds

faux wood blinds perfectly work for bathrooms


wood blinds

wood blinds in the bedroom

Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics offer a considerable amount of light while still reflecting some of the heat energy from entering the window. However, there is some sacrifice of privacy with this type of treatment. The good news is that you can select from a number of different fabrics for your shades. 


beautiful draperies in the living room

Roman Shades: These are different than standard window shades in that they stack up evenly while in the process of being opened. When opened, they are actually smooth and not bumpy like standard vertical shades. They are an old design, but one that works very well in the home.

roman shades

roman shades

Shutters: Traditional shutters are generally made from wood or other solid materials that provide maximum privacy while also being strong protection against the wind. They can also help lower energy bills by shutting out the sunlight in the summer months.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters is a good solution for bathroom windows image source: graber gallery


shutters and draperies

perfect combination of shutters and draperies image source: graber gallery

Natural Shades (Wovens): Shades that are crafted from natural or woven materials also provide considerable amount privacy while offering plenty of decoration ideas. In addition, they have their own insulating properties that may assist with your energy bill.

roman shades

natural shades (roman shades) image source: graber gallery

Pleated Shades: These are shades that are made from pleated fabrics which are designed to provide more texture to your home décor. When pulled up they sit flat on the top so they are hidden from sight which makes them perfect for many different décor ideas.

For those living in the San Francisco and the Bay Area, there are at least eight different window treatments you can use to accentuate your home and enhance privacy and provide the right protection needed to help modulate your heating and cooling bills.