The Benefits of Cellular Shades

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The Benefits of Cellular Shades

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When it comes to finding the right types of shade for your home, there are many to choose from which offer different properties in terms of insulation, privacy and home décor ideas. One of the most popular in  San Francisco and Bay Area area is cellular shades. Given the typical weather conditions of the Northern California area, cellular shades are well suited for the light, heat and cold that common in this part of the country.

What are Cellular Shades?

Basically, cellular shades are coverings that are crafted from pleated fabrics that create internal compartments that look like honeycombs. The compartments may be in single, double or even triple layers and are designed to trap air so that you have an extra layer of insulation on the inside of your window. The more layers that are present, the greater the amount of insulation cellular shades provides.

Windows are a primary source of heat or cold leakage in your home. During the summer months, the heat from the outside penetrates the windows causing your air conditioner to run more often. In the winter months the heat inside leaks out the windows which raises your utility bill, so cellular shades are designed to slow down that process.


There are several benefits that cellular shades provide for your home, particularly with the changing weather conditions of the San Francisco area.

image source: graber gallery

image source: graber gallery

Proper Insulation: By having small, honeycomb compartments inside the material, cellular shades provide a layer of insulation that prevents the loss of heat or cool in your home which in turn means that your utility bill is reduced. For energy efficiency alone, cellular shades will pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Privacy: You can choose from a wide range of opacities depending on the privacy level you want in your home. From sheer, lightweight fabric to more opaque, blackout sheets and those in-between, you can select the level that you want that will add more privacy to your home or you can choose to let the light in.

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Cellular shades in the living room create warm atmosphere. image source: graber gallery

Design: The aesthetically pleasing design thanks to the sharp pleats of the cellular shades means that they work quite well with all types of home décor ideas. You can choose the texture and color that you want which while enhance any room that you choose for them. In addition, when they are pulled up you can barely see them at the top of the window which means that they will disappear when not needed.

The Best Rooms for Cellular Shades

For the most part, cellular shades are ideal for the living room, bedroom and nursery. Because of their fabric design, they are not the top option for the kitchen or bathroom areas as they can pick up and hold the moisture. For those rooms you are better off with water-resistant materials for your shade choices, such as faux wood blinds or composite shutters.

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cellular shades in the gym. image source: graber gallery

The living room generally benefits with sheer filtering options that bring in the light during the day while still proving a layer of insulation. The bedroom and nursery are better options for darker, opaque blackout fabrics that provide maximum privacy and light protection. In any case, cellular shades are the perfect choice for these rooms as they add to your energy efficiency while remaining beautifully designed.