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Faux Wood Blinds VS Hardwood Blinds

It can be difficult at first to tell the difference between faux wood blinds and hardwood or traditional wood blinds.  Faux wood is made to look as much like natural wood as possible by using materials that are more accessible and less expensive.

wood blinds

Graber wood blinds

You can find high quality blinds of both types from noted manufacturers such as Graber and Norman. In addition, the blinds come in many different colors, sizes of louvers, textures, and control systems so that you can find the one that best suits your needs and fits the interior décor of your home.

There are differences between each type of blind that is important to know before you make your purchase.

Faux wood Blinds

stained wood blinds

faux wood blinds is a perfect solution for kitchens and bathroom

Inexpensive: Arguably the most notable difference is in comparing the cost of faux wood to traditional wood blinds. For those who are looking to save money, this may be the type of blind for you.

Durable: This type of product is manufactured to be quite durable and long lasting. The blinds are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain which adds to their durability.

Cordless: Cordless blinds offer the unique advantage of being child-safe which makes them highly suitable for families with young children. 

wood blinds

wood blinds for specialty shape windows

Large Shutter Style Slats: These are the large slats that mimic wood shutters to such a degree that it may be difficult to tell the difference. In fact, most faux wood blinds are so similar to their natural counterparts that they make the perfect addition to your home.

Traditional Wood Blinds


wood blinds with valance

Light: One of the most telling advantages is the lightweight wood that is used to make the blinds. This means that large blinds are available that can cover windows without sagging in the middle which can be a real issue with some other types of blinds.

Look & Feel: Although faux wood blinds are very well made, nothing beats the actually look of real wood blinds. They provide the authentic look and feel that so many people want in their home. This includes the wood staining that is provided by the manufacturer which gives an appearance unlike any other type of blind.

faux wood blinds matching the style of vinyl vertical blinds

Variety of Colors & Stains: You can have your wood blinds stained or painted with over 50 different colors that will fit your home décor. There are also complimentary stains that you can use to help improve the overall appearance of the blinds.

In addition, wood blinds also offer the option of going cordless which is especially important children’s and pet’s safety. This is a great option for families that may help avoid injury or worse. Plus, you can also order blinds with decorative tassels that provide a unique style.

When it comes to choosing between faux wood blinds and traditional wood blinds, there are plenty of positive options no matter which one you choose. There are also effective window treatments for San Francisco and Bay Area residents can select to help improve the overall appearance of their home. There, you can choose between faux wood and wood blinds to find the one that best suits your particular needs.

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Composite Shutters

How to Choose the Best Shutters for your Home

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For those who are interested in purchasing shutters for their home, there are so many different choices that it may seem overwhelming at first. However, the good news is that it is fairly easy to choose the right ones for your needs.

wood shutters

Wood Shutters with Centered Tilt Rod

When it comes to choosing the best window treatments for Northern California residents, there are a number of factors to consider starting with the weather conditions. Excessive rain and humidity can affect blinds over the long term depending on the material that is used. Plus, the shutters will need UV protection as well since they are exposed to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can have a considerable effect on shutters as it can damage the material over time.

Selecting Louvers

For interior shutters, you can choose between fixed and movable louvers which are the slats or horizontal pieces that are part of the shutters. There are several different sizes and styles of louvers. They can be found on plantation shutters, wood shutters, and more. Most people select the movable type to allow more or less light into their home. A tilt rod connects to the louvers which let the slats or shutters open and close. Most tilt rods are located on either side of the louvers, although some go down the middle.

The size of the louver will depend on the size of the window you want to cover. Also, the only brand that carries the invisible tilt rod is Norman, so if that is what you want for your home, then the Norman brand is the one for you. 

composite cafe shutters

Cafe Shutters from Graber

Pros and Cons of Different Material

  • Wood: The traditional type of shutter material.
  • PVC: You can find wood fibers that are blended with PVC or all-PVC shutter materials.
  • Vinyl: Strong, durable and very popular around the country and in particular California.
  • MDF: Standing for Medium Density Fiberboard, this is also a very strong, resilient material.
wood shutters

Beautiful Wood Shutters for French Door

Wood is a very popular material for shutters in that they can be fitted to different sizes. Although they are popular window treatments in San Francisco, they can warp in the constant humidity if not properly maintained. PVC is a type of plastic that imitates wood and the high quality ones are both durable and lightweight.

wood shutters in the living room

Wood Shutters with Hidden Tilt Rod for a Better View

Vinyl shutters are also quite nice if you purchase the higher quality brands, but MDF is a very strong material that is becoming quite popular thanks to its overall durability.

Prevent Drooping

wood shutters

White Color Shutters Make Every Room Look Brighter and More Spacious

Also called tensioning, this is the type of control you want for your shutters so that they don’t slip over time. There are certain types of shutters that may not need this type of tension control, but for the most part you want it because it helps prevent drooping as the shutters start to age. By having this type of control, you can make small adjustments over time that can keep the proper tension on the shutters so that they remain straight.

You are now ready to shop for the best window treatments for Northern California. Just remember to choose the shutters that best suit your home in terms of look, style, and resilience to the elements.

image credits: Graber Gallery

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San Francisco, CA

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cellular shades

cellular top down/ bottom up shades

honeycomb shades


honeycomb shades

cellular shades “garden retreat” from graber

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The Benefits of Cellular Shades

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When it comes to finding the right types of shade for your home, there are many to choose from which offer different properties in terms of insulation, privacy and home décor ideas. One of the most popular in  San Francisco and Bay Area area is cellular shades. Given the typical weather conditions of the Northern California area, cellular shades are well suited for the light, heat and cold that common in this part of the country.

What are Cellular Shades?

Basically, cellular shades are coverings that are crafted from pleated fabrics that create internal compartments that look like honeycombs. The compartments may be in single, double or even triple layers and are designed to trap air so that you have an extra layer of insulation on the inside of your window. The more layers that are present, the greater the amount of insulation cellular shades provides.

Windows are a primary source of heat or cold leakage in your home. During the summer months, the heat from the outside penetrates the windows causing your air conditioner to run more often. In the winter months the heat inside leaks out the windows which raises your utility bill, so cellular shades are designed to slow down that process.


There are several benefits that cellular shades provide for your home, particularly with the changing weather conditions of the San Francisco area.

image source: graber gallery

image source: graber gallery

Proper Insulation: By having small, honeycomb compartments inside the material, cellular shades provide a layer of insulation that prevents the loss of heat or cool in your home which in turn means that your utility bill is reduced. For energy efficiency alone, cellular shades will pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Privacy: You can choose from a wide range of opacities depending on the privacy level you want in your home. From sheer, lightweight fabric to more opaque, blackout sheets and those in-between, you can select the level that you want that will add more privacy to your home or you can choose to let the light in.

cellular shades

Cellular shades in the living room create warm atmosphere. image source: graber gallery

Design: The aesthetically pleasing design thanks to the sharp pleats of the cellular shades means that they work quite well with all types of home décor ideas. You can choose the texture and color that you want which while enhance any room that you choose for them. In addition, when they are pulled up you can barely see them at the top of the window which means that they will disappear when not needed.

The Best Rooms for Cellular Shades

For the most part, cellular shades are ideal for the living room, bedroom and nursery. Because of their fabric design, they are not the top option for the kitchen or bathroom areas as they can pick up and hold the moisture. For those rooms you are better off with water-resistant materials for your shade choices, such as faux wood blinds or composite shutters.

cellular shades

cellular shades in the gym. image source: graber gallery

The living room generally benefits with sheer filtering options that bring in the light during the day while still proving a layer of insulation. The bedroom and nursery are better options for darker, opaque blackout fabrics that provide maximum privacy and light protection. In any case, cellular shades are the perfect choice for these rooms as they add to your energy efficiency while remaining beautifully designed.

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window treatments

8 Most Popular Window Treatments in California

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If you live in the Bay Area, then having the right types of window treatments are important thanks to the changing weather conditions. There are actually many different types of window shades, some of them going back hundreds, if not thousands of years.  However, for those who live in the San Francisco area choosing the right type of shades for your windows means more than a decorative choice. The type of treatment chosen may also significantly affect your energy bill.

Here are eight types of window treatment that California residents can choose from which offers some energy savings as well as a beautiful style.

Cellular Shades: These are made from pleated fabric which forms a honeycomb shaped cellular compartment. This is designed to trap air inside the compartment which means it has enhanced insulation properties. The greater the number of layers, the more insulation is present for better energy efficiency.

cellular shades

cellular shades image source: graber gallery

Solar & Roller Shades: Traditional roller shades are a favorite for those who enjoy a retro-appearance. However, along with solar shades they provide for considerable energy efficiency as well as privacy which make them very desirable.

roller shades

roller shades in the kitchen. image source: graber gallery

Wood & Faux Wood Blinds: Traditional wood and faux wood blinds offer maximum privacy protection while allowing for different levels of light in the room. Wood goes with many different home décor ideas that make it very versatile and highly popular with those who want the best of traditional blinds for their home. 

faux wood blinds

faux wood blinds perfectly work for bathrooms


wood blinds

wood blinds in the bedroom

Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics offer a considerable amount of light while still reflecting some of the heat energy from entering the window. However, there is some sacrifice of privacy with this type of treatment. The good news is that you can select from a number of different fabrics for your shades. 


beautiful draperies in the living room

Roman Shades: These are different than standard window shades in that they stack up evenly while in the process of being opened. When opened, they are actually smooth and not bumpy like standard vertical shades. They are an old design, but one that works very well in the home.

roman shades

roman shades

Shutters: Traditional shutters are generally made from wood or other solid materials that provide maximum privacy while also being strong protection against the wind. They can also help lower energy bills by shutting out the sunlight in the summer months.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters is a good solution for bathroom windows image source: graber gallery


shutters and draperies

perfect combination of shutters and draperies image source: graber gallery

Natural Shades (Wovens): Shades that are crafted from natural or woven materials also provide considerable amount privacy while offering plenty of decoration ideas. In addition, they have their own insulating properties that may assist with your energy bill.

roman shades

natural shades (roman shades) image source: graber gallery

Pleated Shades: These are shades that are made from pleated fabrics which are designed to provide more texture to your home décor. When pulled up they sit flat on the top so they are hidden from sight which makes them perfect for many different décor ideas.

For those living in the San Francisco and the Bay Area, there are at least eight different window treatments you can use to accentuate your home and enhance privacy and provide the right protection needed to help modulate your heating and cooling bills.

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roller shades

Roller Shades

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Roller shades are elegant and easy to use window treatments. Available in different fabrics, textures, designs and colors, they will look great with any interior style, suit any window size and satisfy needs of any lifestyle, as well as preserve furniture and flooring from fading.

  • Sheer fabrics block damaging ultraviolet rays and still conserve the view from your windows.

  • Light filtering fabric allows enough daylight as well as provides a desired level of privacy.

  • Room darkening fabric blocks most of the sunlight and has great insulation properties.

  • Blackout fabrics completely blocks light and perfectly work for bedrooms.

Sliding Panels for doors will match the look of the shades.

Do you want to raise your shades with a touch of a button of remote control? Motorization is available!

Image source: Graber gallery

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San Francisco, CA

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roman shades

Roman Shades

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Roman Shades are fabric window coverings, which can warm up any interior, where blinds or roller shades look too cold or formal. Available in five different styles:

  • Looped Roman

  • Classic Flat

  • Pleated Roman

  • Seamless Roman

  • Ballon Roman

You can coordinate your Roman Shades with curtains, especially if you use the same fabric.

Available with different control types, including motorization.


Images source: Graber’s gallery

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Cellular Shades